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Quantum Robot

Download: Windows 64 Mac

Change Log v0-0-3

Trying to increase threat to player by increasing the movement speed of the slimes.

Also improving a few things to make the game seem more natural. Altered the AI a fair bit, trying to make slimes less likely to be idle. Slimes that are idle will now increase their defense, the player should aim to kill the them before they get too strong.


  • Player can now only run for a limited duration, this is shown by the blue bar under the health bar
  • Added overlay around the edge of the screen when the player takes damage
  • Increased Slime movement speed
    • Base speed is now faster
    • Speed now scales with health (size), smaller slimes move faster
  • Adding Slime attack animation
  • Attaching shelf parts together in different way so that they fall part more naturally
  • Adding defense stat to slimes so they take more damage to kill
    • Slime’s color becomes redder with higher defense
  • Adding ‘Increase defense’ action to slime’s AI
  • Slime Balls now disappear after some time
  • Slimes now spawn through out the warehouse level instead of in fixed positon at the start of the level.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where parts of the game start in paused state when levels after the first time
  • Mouse now gets locked correctly after application losing and gains focus again
slime attack