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A Collection of useful tips for unity. Many of these have niche use cases but can be useful to know about.


Quantum Robot

The game is a first person shooter where you fight various NPC in an enclosed environment. Currently the project is still in a prototyping phase, so nothing is final yet.

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Quantum Robot - Modification Shop

12 Mar 2018

Adding a Shop to the playground level to buy and sell Modification found in the game.

image about Modification Shop

Quantum Robot - Player Modifications

05 Mar 2018

There are now modifications that the player can collect and use to upgrade their character.

image about Player Modifications

Quantum Robot - Major menu update

24 Feb 2018

New menu textures, animations and playground level.

image about Major menu update

Quantum Robot - Set up for new levels and features

30 Jan 2018

Set up behind the scenes to set up for modification system and future levels.

image about Set up for new levels and features

Quantum Robot - Major sound, texture and animation update

21 Dec 2017

Adding many sounds texture and animation to most parts of the game.

image about Major sound, texture and animation update