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A Collection of useful tips for unity. Many of these have niche use cases but can be useful to know about.


Quantum Robot

The game is a first person shooter where you fight various NPC in an enclosed environment. Currently the project is still in a prototyping phase, so nothing is final yet.

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Quantum Robot - Image effects and small changes

23 May 2018

Add Image effects for some in-game menu and a few smaller changes

image about Image effects and small changes

Quantum Robot - Improved Boss model and mechanics

02 May 2018

The first boss has remade with a new model and updated mechanics to make the boss more intuitive to fight.

image about Improved Boss model and mechanics

Quantum Robot - New Textures and models

17 Apr 2018

Remaking the first level with new models and textures.

image about New Textures and models

Quantum Robot - Adding tutorial

21 Mar 2018

Adding a tutorial that will start after creating a new profile.

image about Adding tutorial

Quantum Robot - Modification Shop

12 Mar 2018

Adding a Shop to the playground level to buy and sell Modification found in the game.

image about Modification Shop