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Quantum Robot

Image effects and small changes

Add Image effects for some in-game menu and a few smaller changes

This update has lots of small changes. A few quality of life change like color coding modification slots, and only uses energy while running above walking speed.


  • The Hive boss now have different difficulty levels
  • Adding Small Cleaning robot
    • Runs away from the player if they get too close
    • Collects blobs drops by slimes
  • Added Image effects to some menu background
  • Improved some of the tutorial messages.
  • Color Coding the different modification slots
  • Mouse Sensitivity can now be increased above 1
  • Energy use while running is only drained while going above walking speed
  • Only changing FOV when facing direction of movement
  • Expanded Scroll bar on difficult select so that “Insane” is shown

cleaning robot

screen effect