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Quantum Robot

New Weapon and Health systems

Work on this update has been slow but it is now finished. The Weapon and Health systems have been reimplemented and improved.

Weapon pickups are now physical object in the world and they react to gravity and other forces. Most of the weapons now shoot projectiles instead of using Hitscan. This should allow players to get a feel for the inaccuracy of a weapon.

There are now 2 types of weapons, main weapons and side weapons. Main weapons have primary and secondary fire options. For example, the pistol has a zoom using the secondary fire.

The new health system allows entities to have areas where they take extra damage. An example is double damage for head shots. This is currently not in use but will be in future updates.


  • The player no longer gets 1 shot by high damage
  • Health Update
    • Entities can now have weak points where they take extra damage
  • Weapon Update
    • Most weapons have projectiles with travel time
    • Weapon inaccuracy
      • Starts low
      • Increase while shooting continuously
      • Increase with movement speed
    • Weapon pickups are now physical objects in the world
    • Main Weapon have Secondary fire
      • Default keybinding right mouse button
      • Zoom
        • Higher inaccuracy
        • Lower movement speed
    • Side weapons
      • Default keybinding F key
    • Main Weapons can be dropped
      • Default keybinding G key
    • Side Weapons can be dropped
      • Default keybinding H key
    • Weapons can be pickup
      • Look at weapon on ground and press keybinding
      • Default keybinding E key
    • The player can carry 2 main weapons and 1 side weapon
      • Can switch between main weapons
        • Default keybinding Q key
  • New Weapons
    • Heavy Assault Rifle
      • High damage
      • Medium rate of fire
      • High Zoom strength
    • Light Assault Rifle
      • Now has zoom
      • Before named “Assault Rifle”
    • Laser Pistol
      • Now has zoom
      • Previously named “Pistol”
    • Repair kit
      • Now a side weapon
    • Fire Grenade
      • Now a side weapon
      • Previously named “Grenade”
  • Some Weapons now have muzzle flash

shooting projectiles

new heavy assault rifle

zoom effect and explosive barrels