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Quantum Robot

New Textures and models

Remaking the first level with new models and textures.

Replacing a lot of the models with improved models and textures. Recreating the first level with these updated models and a new layout to make the level seem bigger. Started to update the slime models. The blue and red slimes have their new models and animations. The other slime types will have their update within the next few weeks.


  • Updated models are textures
    • New Walls, floors and ceiling
    • New Doors
    • New Crawler slimes
    • New Cannon slimes
      • New explosive model
    • New door blocking slime

Bug Fixes

  • Graphics settings should now update correctly when starting the game
  • All settings have been reset to fix a bug with old settings not being deleted.
crawler slime
cannon slime

new spaceship room

alien door blocker

new spaceship room
new spaceship room

new spaceship room