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Quantum Robot

Download: Windows 64 Windows 32 Mac Linux 32

Change Log v0-0-7

Adding visual effects to weapons to make it more clear when weapons fire.

The number of enemies left is now show in an objective in the top right of the screen.


  • The current 5 weapons now have particle effect when they fire
  • Adding Taser
    • taser can be selected by pressing ‘6’
    • Ammo: 1
    • Damage: low
    • Fire rate: medium
    • Limit Range
    • Stuns target
      • When Spikers are stunned they return to their inactive state. They will reactive when the player is close after the stun wears off.
  • Health kits now have an ammo bar to make it clear when they can be used
  • Adding a simple objective system
    • Current objectives are shown in the top right of the screen
    • Warehouse objective
      • Defeat all the Slimes
    • Arena 01 objective
      • Defeat all the Evil White Capsule