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Quantum Robot

Change Log v0-0-11

Adding different types of slime that behave differently.

This should make the game feel less repetitive and faster placed as you may need to dodge attacks from many different enemies at the same time.

I have also added Occlusion culling to improve performance, this has caused a visual bug where held weapons sometimes disappear but this seems like a good trade off.


  • Adding Occlusion culling to improve performance
  • Adding Blue Slime
    • Moves faster than other slimes
    • Does not split into smaller slimes
  • Adding Purple Slime
    • Splits into smaller slimes when they get get to low health
  • Adding Orange Slime
    • Shoots fire balls that deal small area of effect damage
  • Adding Red Slime
    • Shoots explosive balls of gas at the player

Known Bugs

  • Held weapons sometimes disappear, this is caused by Occlusion culling