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Quantum Robot

Change Log v0-0-12

Add new slime types to boss fight.

The slimes now attack the player instead of just moving towards and damaging on contact. As a consequence of this the slimes will deal more damage if in range of the player. To offset this the amount health kits heal has been increased.

Changing how health and defensive works. There are now different damage types so different entities take different amounts of damage. One use of this is the red slimes, since they throw explosive balls they now take very low damage from explosions.


  • Adding new slimes to boss fight
    • Instead of spawning only green slimes the boss will randomly spawn slimes of the 5 types
  • Slimes now attack the player instead of just moving towards the player
  • Passive damage from touching the slimes has been reduced
  • Red slimes now take very little damage from explosions
  • Lowing explosion damage from Red slimes so the player doesn’t get 1 shot
  • Health kits now heal 50% health instead of 30%