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Quantum Robot

Modification Shop

Adding a Shop to the playground level to buy and sell Modification found in the game. When the playground level is loaded the list of modifications that are available to buy is randomized. The list of recently sold modifications is also cleared when this level is loaded.

Hovering over Modification in the menu will now display a popup box with information about the modification.

The graphics settings menu is now enabled allowing users to change the screen resolution and graphics levels in game. The Unity dialog window before the game starts has also been removed.


  • Modification popup info
  • Adding Modification shop
    • Shop button added to modification screen while in the playground level
    • Modification shop model and area to open the shop added to playground level
    • Modifications can now be bought and sold.
  • Graphics settings menu is now enabled
    • Fullscreen setting
    • Screen resolution setting
    • Graphics quality setting
  • The UI should now be at the correct scale for resolutions other than 1920*1080

Bug Fixes

  • Can no longer close the win or lose menu by un-pausing the game
  • Boss health UI no longer appears when game is paused
  • Pickup text should now appear at correct time instead of just for weapons

popup info for modifications

modification shop

modification shop model

graphics menu