James Frowen

A collection of game development stuff.


Regular view

The Weapon and Health systems have been reimplemented and improved.

Add Image effects for some in-game menu and a few smaller changes

The first boss has remade with a new model and updated mechanics to make the boss more intuitive to fight.

Remaking the first level with new models and textures.

Adding a tutorial that will start after creating a new profile.

Adding a Shop to the playground level to buy and sell Modification found in the game.

There are now modifications that the player can collect and use to upgrade their character.

New menu textures, animations and playground level.

Set up behind the scenes to set up for modification system and future levels.

Adding many sounds texture and animation to most parts of the game.

Adding new models for guns and some sounds effects.

Adding slime death animation.

Adding post processing to improve the look of the game.

Changing how pistol fires and fixing bugs in enemy AI.

Quantum Robot now has a website to showcase the game.

Adding difficulty settings so that less experienced players can still win the level.

Adding bullet decals and particle effect when objects are shot.

Add new slime types to boss fight.

Adding different types of slime that behave differently.

Adding a boss to the end of that the spaceship level

Updating weapon system as well as a number of smaller chances to improves gameplay.

Adding Spaceship level where slimes have taken over the cargo bay and storage rooms.

Calculating a Trajectory for a projectile using Unity LineRenderer and RigidBody.

Creating a 3d model of a robot in blender for Quantum Robot.

Adding visual effects to weapons to make it more clear when weapons fire.

Adding a weapon system so that players can use multiple weapons.

Quick update to fix 'Arena 01' level

Adding a new Enemy that charge at the player if they get too close.

Trying to increase threat to player by increasing the movement speed of the slimes.

Adding a level and enemies with textures.